«RM-Capital» team consists of professionals with various specializations, the decisive issues of the highest complexity.

The main activity of the company is to implement a wide range of investment services to private and institutional clients, including: - confidence control of active; - the creation of structured products.

We provide counseling in the area of investments, including the development of optimal schemes of asset ownership, structuring existing business for the purpose of tax optimization and effective business management.

We provide the highest level of competence in all areas of work and interact with the best issuers of financial products and service providers. At the same time we are constantly working to improve the quality of service and strive to ensure that our products, solutions and services are the best in the market.

Management company «R-Capital» leads active work in the market of financial services in Moscow since 2015.

In contrast with large corporations with a "conveyor" method of work in «R-Capital» adopted an individual approach to each client and the resolution of the situation carried out on a mandatory basis, taking into account even the most seemingly insignificant aspects.